Ekornavallens Vänner 

Friends of Ekornavallen

Friends of Ekornavallen is an association that wants to protect the unique history of the ancient site of Ekornavallen.

Friends of Ekornavallen was formed in the nineteen-forties with the main objective to create interest in the ancient history of the site.

Memberships costs 100 SEK per year for a single member and 150 SEK for a family. If you want to become a member please send an email to or send the membership fee to plusgiro account 10 86 40 - 4. Please specify your name and address.

The member magazine Girommen is published once a year. The yearly meeting is in spring or early summer.

If you are interested in a guided tour of Ekornavallen please contact Falköping tourist office at 0515 - 88 50 50 or visit www.vastsverige.com/falkoping

Riksantikvarieämbetet (Swedish National Heritage Board) is the owner of Ekornavallen and responsible for its upkeep.

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The neolithic stone monument Girommen at Ekornavallen
The bronze age mound of stones at Ekornavallen 

Webbansvarig: Henrik Åberg